F202 along the R22

Bicycle highway

Along the eastern side of the R22 we are installing the F202, connecting Zaventem with the Kraainem area.

  • The bicycle highway links up with the F203 towards the Brussels Capital Region and the HST bicycle route.
  • Cyclists can use a bicycle tunnel to cross the Chaussée de Louvain quickly and safely.
  • The presence and course of the stream help to determine the profile.


With the support of

With the support of the European Regional Development Fund.



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Progress of the works

  • Phase 1a

    The initial preparatory works are being carried out on behalf of the Flanders Environment Agency. During this phase, the River Woluwe will be channelled along its definitive course. The new course of the river will be excavated and the existing sewage system will be relocated.

  • Phase 1b

    To ensure the smooth flow of traffic while the bicycle tunnel is being built, we are adding a temporary bypass to the north of Leuvensesteenweg (N2). 

  • Phase 2

    Estimated duration: 9 months

    During this phase, we will be building the bicycle tunnel under Leuvensesteenweg. Underground utilities will need relocating and new sewage systems will be required as a result. The junction between Tramlaan and the R22 is being rebuilt.

  • Phase 3a

    Estimated duration: 1 month 

    In this phase, the R22 north of the N2 and the junction with the N2 on the western side will be reconstructed. There will also be work on the junction between Oudstrijderslaan and the R22.

  • Phase 3b

    Estimated duration: 6 months

    The junction between Oudstrijderslaan and the R22 will be completed in this phase. The reconstruction of the R22 north of the N2 and the junction with the N2 on the western side will continue in this phase.

  • Phase 4

    Simultaneously with the 3 previous phases. 

    Large sections of the bicycle highway will be built at locations across the entire project zone. Ventweg will also be reconstructed and several smaller tasks will be done. For example, we will create green areas and build a retaining wall at the exit from the E40.

Diversion during phase 2

  • The R22 will be narrowed to 1 lane instead of 2. There will be a single lane in each direction. 
  • Turning points will be created on the R22, well away from the roadworks zone, both on the northern and the southern side. The temporary situation can be understood as a large, extended roundabout like the one that regulated the traffic during the previous works on the Woluwedal. 
  • Leuvensesteenweg will remain accessible. Coming from Zaventem, however, the traffic will need to use the turning point.
  • Voordestraat, Jozef van Hovestraat and the companies on the parallel road will remain accessible.

Diversion during phase 2

The junction between Tramlaan and the R22 will be blocked off completely. The traffic will be diverted via Bevrijdingslaan to the west of the R22 and Leuvensesteenweg.

Letter to the residents

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Technical drawing

F202_Technische plannen
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