What and how?

What do we want to achieve?

The Werken aan de Ring programme is about more than just the R0. Improving mobility, increasing quality of life and the multi-modal accessibility in and around the Flemish Ring and Brussels are also key objectives. That is why we are investing in infrastructure works for various modes of transport. And at the same time, we are committed to addressing different quality of life aspects, like noise, health, traffic safety and biodiversity.

How are we doing that?

  • Infrastructure, mobility and quality of life are all elements that go hand in hand within the Werken aan de Ring programme. 
  • We are removing functional, spatial and physical landscape barriers in order to bring about a shift towards sustainable modes of transport.
  • But that shift cannot be achieved without a mental shift. Critical self-evaluation of our (own) travel choices is necessary.
  • We are addressing quality of life and accessibility by tackling road, cycle and public transport options in an integral way. 
  • To achieve this, we work intensively with management actors, interest groups, entrepreneurs and employee organisations, companies and the wider population.
  • We are working on the crucial connection between the interests of all concerned and the objectives of Werken aan de Ring.

How do we focus on mobility and quality of life?