Working together on the Ring

Werken aan de Ring is a narrative about quality of life and mobility with significant impact on the spatial environment of the Ring around Brussels. In order to translate that narrative into a shared project, cooperation with a broad array of actors is essential. We are genuinely convinced that we can achieve a programme that everyone can support through discussion and by embracing diverse interests and visions. 

Five-track Policy 

De Werkvennootschap set out on an intensive process of consultation consisting of several tracks, back in September of 2017. We have maintained this approach and are now extending and intensifying it. The methodology and intensity of the cooperation varies per stakeholder group and in line with the project phase.  

The table below shows which approaches we are using in our cooperative work with the various stakeholders. 


Governing actors: 

The Flemish-speaking peripheral municipalities, the Brussels-Capital Region, the regional administrations (Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia) and the provinces of Flemish Brabant and Walloon Brabant are all working together in an intensive consultation process, as well as in a study process and a broad-scale programme. 

Community and special interest groups: 

We place a high importance on transparency in all our communications. We are also opting for extensive dialogues with organised actors from community and special interest groups, among others.  

A wide range of people and users:

Since 2017, we have involved a wide range of local residents and users of the Ring and its surrounding road network in an extensive consultation and participation process. Thanks to open and intensive communications, we have been able to keep everyone up to date on the various stages. 

Read more about the intensive participation process that engages communities, which we first organised in Spring 2019. 

Companies and users: 

We are providing close cooperation with companies via thorough consultations on practical projects in their localities. Aside from the state of play with respect to the integrated planning process, the nuisance-limiting approach and the possible phasing of works are also being addressed.  

Together with companies, we have been thinking about what mobility will mean in the future, which is why the New Mobility Network was founded in 2018. Go to for more information. 

Broad-based mainstreaming  

Werken aan de Ring is not unique, it is just one chapter within a larger narrative of the region. That is why we are joining existing cooperative structures and consultation forums, where possible. That way we can be responsive to everything that is happening in the spatial environment. 


Interregional cooperation 

The fact that Werken aan de Ring needs interregional cooperation is self-evident. To accomplish this, we have proposed the following structure: