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Information market Wemmel

We will explain the plans for the ‘The redevelopment of the Ring Road’ from A to Z during our information market because this project involves so much more than the redevelopment of the R0. It also includes a set of measures to promote sustainable mobility in the region and improve the quality of life in the neighbourhoods around the Ring Road. Bicycle highways, more public transport, improved infrastructure for pedestrians, more space for greenery and animals: you can find a summary of what we’ll be doing on the back of this brochure.

Aside from this, we will also be zooming in on more local projects, such as the bicycle highway along the A12 motorway, the Kanaalroute Noord bike path and the Ring Road tram-bus. We will be happy to show you our plans for the entrance and exit ramps, as well as several ideas for redeveloping the roadsides and verges bordering on the Ring Road.

Our experts will be on hand all day to answer your questions and provide detailed explanations. We look forward to receiving your feedback, which we will use as input for the next phase in the development process.