Brabantnet: three additional tram and bus lines

We want to give the numerous motorists on and around the Ring Road more options. This is why we are enhancing public transport and improving the cycling infrastructure. The three planned tram lines and bus lines – 60 km in all – will create a fast link between the Northern Edge and the capital.


Connecting the airport with the Heizel Complex via Machelen, Vilvoorde and Grimbergen.


High-speed link between Willebroek and Brussels along the A12.


Connecting the centre of the capital to the airport.


We want to ensure that the Brabantnet helps create better quality of life, by providing:

1. Less wasted time

These days, public transport must be rapid and efficient. The Brabantnet aims to reduce travel time so that we have more time for more important things. 

2. More quality

High-quality public transport is an excellent alternative to cars and daily traffic jams. A high-quality connection, meaning that not only do you know when you set off, but also exactly when you will arrive. High-quality vehicles in addition, with a high level of comfort for passengers.

3. More mobility

The Brabantnet is a crucial link in getting the Flemish periphery mobile again, in cooperation with Brussels and in close coordination with other (public) transport. Park & Rides will enable a rapid switch from one mode of transport to another. 


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