General Questions

What exactly do you want to achieve with Working on the Ring?

Working on the Ring is an integrated programme with two main objectives: the improvement of the mobility and quality of life of the region.

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Who is in charge of the 'Working on the Ring' programme?

De Werkvennootschap. This project company was founded by the Government of Flanders to tackle large infrastructure projects in an integrated and coordinated manner. De Werkvennootschap does this work in collaboration with the Roads and Traffic Agency and the Flanders Environment Agency.

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Why is the ‘Working on the Ring’ programme necessary?

The infrastructure of the Brussels Ring (R0) is outdated and no longer adapted to today’s traffic needs.   

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Who is involved in the programme?

Working on the Ring attaches great importance to participation and cooperation with all stakeholders. To this end, we have adopted a five-track policy. 

Timing and procedure  

When will the works begin? 

The redevelopment of the northern part of the Ring will be carried out through an integrated planning process. In addition, numerous projects will be carried out at an accelerated pace: bicycle highways, infrastructure for public transport, mobi points and a number of entrance and exit complexes. 

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What steps have been taken so far? Which steps have yet to follow? 

The integrated planning process for the redevelopment of the North Ring started with the publication of the starting note in May 2018.This was followed by a public consultation. Feedback from this was incorporated in the scoping note, published in June 2019. The entire planning process follows a fixed pattern and will result in a new RSIP and a preferred alternative. 

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Less nuisance

How will the nuisance caused by the works be limited?

Infrastructure works inevitably cause nuisance. We will do everything we can to limit this as much as possible and to keep everyone well informed. 

Quick wins 

What are quick wins? 

Quick wins are sub-projects that are prioritised in the process and which can be realised faster than the redesign of the Ring itself. 

Which quick wins will be tackled? 

We are building ten bicycle highways, three public transport connections, two green connections, eight mobi points and various sub-projects in the North Ring zone and in the East Ring zone. 

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Are there any quick wins in my area? 

On our projects page you can use the filter to see which quick wins are being tackled in your municipality. 

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Who can I contact with questions about a quick win that is currently in progress? 

If a construction site is in progress, you can turn to the accessibility advisor with urgent questions about accessibility during the execution of the works.  

Communication and consultation 

What’s the best way to stay informed about Working on the Ring? 

You can always find the correct information on the website, follow our Facebook page or subscribe to our digital newsletter at the bottom of the page and remain updated on the latest information.  

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In what other ways will you inform us about Working on the Ring? 

In addition to the newsletter, a Facebook page and an Instagram page, we regularly publish a newspaper that all residents in the Ring region receive at home. We keep local residents informed about construction sites that are in progress via residents' letters and newsletters. In order to give everyone the opportunity to exchange ideas with us, we organise frequent information sessions and discussion evenings.


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Who can I contact if I have a question? 

If you have any questions, please use the contact form on the website. 

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Who can I contact if I am inconvenienced by the works? 

If you are inconvenienced in any way by works that are part of Working on the Ring, you can contact the accessibility advisor

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