Below you can consult all publications and documents with which we document the entire process of Working on the Ring.  

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Our projects


More than 300,000 residents of the Flemish and Brussels municipalities around the Ring Road regularly receive the newspaper ‘Working on the Ring’. Here you can read about how things stand in the planning process, the various sites and projects and how we are working together towards sustainable and future-oriented mobility. 

Editie 4 Werken aan de Ring voorjaar 2020
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Editie 3 Werken aan de Ring najaar 2019
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Editie 2 Werken aan de Ring najaar 2018
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Editie 1 Werken aan de Ring voorjaar 2018
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Vision note 

In the Vision Memo you can read exactly what the ambitions, plans and concrete projects of Working on the Ring are. There are many strong connections with other current and future plans in the region, and the Vision Memo invites readers to join in and think along with us. 

Visienota Werken aan de Ring 2019
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Carte général Programme Werken aan de Ring_0
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Mobipunten Werken aan de Ring 2020_1
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Local residents' ideas and questions - June 2018

QAbundel Infomarkten per nummer
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QAbundel Infomarkten per thema
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Memos on the Refurbishment of Ring North 

The integrated planning process for the spatial redevelopment of the northern part of the Ring Road is extensively documented in various memos drawn up by the planning team. 

Scoping note - June 2019 

All comments and advice from the participation and public consultation following the publication of the Kick-off Document will be incorporated by the planning team into the scoping memo. This includes descriptions about the direction the solutions are taking and variants for the redesign of the R0 north are assessed further in the impact assessments.

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Annexes scoping note

Process Note 2 - June 2019 

In the second version of the process memo, the planning team describes the steps that have been taken since the publication of the first process memo in May 2018. It also explains how we want to approach the further planning process and how we will collaborate with various actors.

Procesnota versie 2
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Attachments of the process note

Start note - May 2018 

With this start memorandum in May 2018, the Government of Flanders initiated the planning process for the redevelopment of the R0 North. In addition to the initial research results, the objectives of the Spatial Implementation Plan, the plan area and the approach to the impact reports are discussed.

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Startnota bijlage 1
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Process Memo 1 - May 2018 

Together with the start memo, we also published the first draft of the process note. This document underwent an extensive update on the publication of the scoping memo. 

Procesnota bijlage 1
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