Cycling Heroes braved the elements

At the end of October 2020, we launched a new Cycling Heroes campaign. Ten uninhibited celebrities took up the challenge and shared their heroism with everyone.

Bruno, Lotte, Jolien, Kristof, Steven, Kirsten, Isabelle, David, Emilie and Yuri live and/or work in the Flemish Periphery around Brussels and left the car parked at home for six weeks. They braved the elements on electric bicycles. Despite experiencing inclement weather from time to time, they wholeheartedly enjoyed the experience. Everyone is convinced that the bicycle is a truly worthy alternative means of transport.


The Covid-19 measures meant that commuting between home and work was no longer such an obvious activity, due to all the home working. Nevertheless, together these celebrities cycled a total of 5023.71 km.  That is a CO2 savings of 879.14 kg.

And even more good news is that three of our Cycling Heroes bought their electric bikes.

Keep up the great work!