Gradual restart of road works 

Lydia Peeters, the Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works, has called for as many road works as possible to be carried out during this period.  At a time when there is little traffic, such as now, it is possible to carry out road works in safe environments. In consultation with the ministers, we will, together with our contractors, enable a gradual restart of construction works. We will of course ensure that at all times we take measures with regard to social distancing and hygiene will continue to be respected. 

On 31/3, the contractor resumed the work at the intersection Albert I-laan en Koning Boudewijnlaan. A number of smaller projects will also be carried out on the F23 bicycle motorway (Kanaalroute Noord) in Vilvoorde from next week. 

On 6/4, the contractor resumed works at Woluwedal (R22 in Kraainem and Zaventem) as part of the F202 bicycle highway

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Thank you in advance for your understanding. 

Albert I-laan

Bicycle highway F23 (Kanaalroute Noord)

Bicycle highway F202 (Woluwedal)