Time to take action

By redeveloping the Ring Road, De Werkvennootschap public works company is fully dedicated to creating a pleasant and manageable environment in the municipalities around the Ring Road, ensuring a smoother and safer traffic flow, an intermodal mobility that consciously promotes the safe combination of bicycle, public transport and car as well as a Ring Road that connects rather than divides.

1. We will invest in bicycle infrastructure.  

We aim to stimulate the use of the bicycle as a means of transport by building new bicycle highways and further expanding the available cycling facilities. We intend to create 40 km of new connecting cycling paths. Cycling will become a safe and fast alternative to car travel thanks to broad cycling paths, wide bends, adjusted lighting and obstacle-free routes car. And because the bicycle highways are integrated in the surrounding area, cycling along any of these routes will be a pleasant experience.

2. We will invest in more and better public transport.  

Three new tram and tram-bus lines – or 60 km of tracks in all – will ensure a fast connection between the Northern Fringe and the capital. The Ring Road tram-bus connects the airport to the Heizel Complex via Machelen, Vilvoorde and Grimbergen. The Express Tramway along the A12 will ensure a smoother connection between Willebroek and Brussels. Thanks to the Airport Tramway, travellers can get to Brussels Airport in no time at all from the city centre.

3. We will separate through and local traffic on the R0.  

This will eliminate dangerous ‘weaving’ manoeuvres: criss-crossing vehicles on the Ring Road immediately after entering or just before exiting the Ring Road. We're currently looking for solutions.

4. We will improve the quality of life in residential and business/industrial areas.  

By redeveloping the Ring Road, we aim to eliminate rat-running or traffic that cuts through residential areas to reach their destination, making these areas safer and more pleasant to live. Additionally, the development of the verges and fringes of the R0 will also improve the quality of life here. We aim to create a pleasant working environment by improving accessibility to, and by landscaping the industrial/business parks.

5. We will connect the four major green zones.

The Ring Road currently runs right through several of the region’s major green areas. As a result, the natural habitats of various animal species have become rather restricted. By creating space to reconnect green areas and for animals to cross the road, these inhabitants of the Northern Fringe will also have more space. Additionally, reducing the fragmentation of these green zones is also good news for hikers and cyclists. The connections strengthen the recreational network around the Ring Road.

6. We will untangle the web of entrance and exit ramps.  

An aerial view of the Ring Road reveals a complicated web of entrance and exit ramps. The current infrastructure is often undecipherable and unnecessarily complex for anyone driving on the R0 motorway. By tackling the entire road infrastructure and simplifying the interchanges and access and exit ramps we aim to create a better flow of traffic, improve safety and facilitate a more legible infrastructure.

The complete program of Work on the Ring Road at a glance