What is Werken aan de Ring?

The Ring around Brussels is getting a new lease of life. We are preparing the Ring for the traffic of today and tomorrow. As we do this we are also increasing the quality of life in surrounding areas, for both people and animals. In September 2019, De Werkvennootschap published the Vision Memorandum Program Working on the Ring

Why Werken aan de Ring?

The Ring (R0) around Brussels has developed the reputation of being unliveable and a place to be avoided. Traffic queues and accidents, cut-through traffic in the surrounding cities and municipalities, fragmentation of the bordering green spaces. On top of that, the oldest part of the Ring is 65-years old. Adaptations for today's needs are overdue.

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What do we want to achieve?

The Werken aan de Ring or Work on the Ring road programme is about more than just the R0. Improving mobility, increasing quality of life and the multi-modal accessibility in and around the Flemish Ring and Brussels are also key objectives. That is why we are investing in infrastructure works for various modes of transport. At the same time, we are committed to addressing different quality of life aspects, like noise, health, traffic safety and biodiversity.

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