A201K Bike and pedestrian bridge



Project status


Safe bicycle crossing

We are building a major bike and pedestrian bridge over the Leopold III-laan. This bridge will connect the Harenweg in Zaventem on the south side, and the Sint-Stevens-Woluwestraat in Machelen on the north side.

By removing the barrier of the Leopold III avenue, one of the missing links on the FR0 bicycle highway is being realized. At the same time, it will be a link to the future F201 bicycle highway - the bicycle highway which, when completed, will connect the airport (Brussels Airport) with Brussels city centre. The F201 will run alongside to the Leopold III-laan. This A201K bike and pedestrian bridge is therefore an essential link in the cycle network in and around Brussels. It will have a positive effect on the quality of life, traffic safety, environmental quality and mobility.

The construction of the A201K bike and pedestrian bridge will:

  • encourage the use of the FR0 bicycle highway
  • increase safety for cyclists¬†
  • provide pedestrians with a safe and direct connection over the Leopold III-laan¬†
  • reduce the barrier effect of the Leopold III-laan, Hermeslaan and Bessenveldstraat.