Ring trambus

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Grimbergen Machelen Vilvoorde Zaventem

Project status

In progress

The Ring trambus will be in operation soon

The Ring trambus is expected to be available on Brabantnet's Ring route soon, and will offer a fast alternative to the systemic traffic queues in the Noordrand. In the short term, the 24-meter-long trambuses will provide a wider range of fast and comfortable public transport. The Ring trambus will have its own lane and is an ideal stepping stone to the tram, which will operate on the route at a later time. The Ring trambus will link important locations in the Noordrand, such as the Heizel, Vilvoorde station and Brussels Airport. At those stops, travellers will be able to transfer to the train, tram or light rail services.

Ring trambus on the 820 bus line

The trambuses will initially be deployed on what is currently the 820 bus line. In order for the long trambuses to service the interregional connection with UZ Brussel in Jette, the Heizel, Vilvoorde and Brussels Airport, various modifications to current bus lanes and bus stops must be carried out. 

Letter to the residents

27 nov. '19 Brief Medialaan
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8 nov. '19 Koningslosteenweg halte Twee Leeuwenweg
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8 nov. '19 Twee Leeuwenweg
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8 nov. '19 Vlierkensstraat Halte Jordaen
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5 nov. '19 Brief Belgielaan
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5 nov. '19 Brief Strombeeklinde
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5 nov. '19 Ringtrambus lokale ingrepen - Strombeeklinde
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12 nov. '18 Bewonersbrief hinder Vinkenlaan RTB
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16 okt. '18 Brief Teniersstraat
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Ringtrambus alternatievenstudie Schaarbeeklei Parkstraat
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