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Kraainem Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe Zaventem

Project status

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Construction sites closed to combat the Coronavirus 

The comprehensive measures set out by the National Security Council for fighting the Coronavirus will also have an impact on the roadworks on the Sint-Annalaan. Together with the contractor, we have decided to temporarily halt the roadworks. The previously announced diversions will not be implemented as a result. This measure is to protect employees and to combat further spreading of the virus. The contractor will obviously ensure that the construction site is cleaned up and restore accessibility for surrounding residents.

We thank you for your understanding, and we will update you as soon as a new start date is known!

What do we do?

Along the eastern side of the R22 we are installing the F202, connecting Zaventem with the Kraainem area.

  • The bicycle highway links up with the F203 towards the Brussels Capital Region and the HST bicycle route.
  • Cyclists can use a bicycle tunnel to cross the Chaussée de Louvain quickly and safely.
  • The presence and course of the stream help to determine the profile.

Bicycle highway F202

With the support of

With the support of the European Regional Development Fund.


Phasing of the construction

  • Phase 2

    From 5 August 2019 to April 2020: working on three fronts

    We will be moving construction works up a gear.

    • In this phase of construction we will build the cycle tunnel under the N2 and the approach ramp south of the tunnel. Thanks to a bypass north of the Leuvensesteenweg, the N2 will remain open on the R22. Traffic movements will be limited to entering right and exiting right.
    • In conjunction with the refurbishment of the cycle tunnel, we will be refurbishing  the western half of the carriageway on the R22 . Between the N2 and the bridge at the E40 exit (Exit 20 ‘Kraainem’ from Brussels) we will be working on both the drainage works and the carriageway.
    • We will be completely replacing the junction at Tramlaan and the R22, together with the Tramlaan itself (up to Kleine Bergstraat). From Tuesday 6 August 2019, Tramlaan will be completely disrupted until the end of phase 2.

    Underwater construction in the cycle tunnel

    • The construction of the cycle tunnel is on schedule. We placed the dam walls and poured the underwater concrete on 17 and 27 December. From January 2020 we will be building concrete walls in the tunnel and build the N2 Leuvensesteenweg above the tunnel.

    R22 drainage and Tramlaan

    • Towards the end of this year the laying of new drainage system for rainwater in the R22 Woluwedal will be completed (part of the current work zone). We have already laid the rainwater drainage system underneath Tramlaan. In January 2020 Tramlaan will get another drainage system for household wastewater. We will subsequently complete the home connections for both rainwater and wastewater. In the course of February 2020, the construction of the new infrastructure at both the Tramlaan, as well as at the current works zone for the R22, will begin.
  • Phase 3

    From mid-April to November 2020

    • In this phase we will be re-laying the western connection (Brussels side) of the N2 with the R22 Woluwedal, together with the last part of the R22 itself, north of the N2. 
    • In addition, we are modifying the Statieplaats connection (Oudstrijderslaan) to facilitate the cycle highway, as well as building the northern ramp to the cycle tunnel.
  • Construction of the F202 cycle highway

    August 2019 to December 2020

    In conjunction with phase 2 and 3 we will be working on large parts of the construction of the cycle highway from August 2019 to December 2020. In general, the works will have no impact on traffic, with the exception of the service road along the R22 (which provides access to PWC and other locations). Along with the cycle highway we are also planting extra greenery and placing a retaining wall along the E40 exit, which will extend up to the recycling centre.

Next work site for Woluwedal project starts on Monday 11 May  

  • Until the construction branch holidays, we will be renewing the parallel road along the R22 (to PWC and Woluwe Garden) and will undertake the last section of the F202 bicycle highway.
  • To make these works possible, we are changing the traffic situation on the R22 Woluwedal between the Hippokrateslaan and the turning point (on the side of the viaduct at exit ‘Kraainem’). When driving towards Brussels, the traffic will be restricted to the right lane for about 100 metres. This is done to be able to direct traffic in the other direction through the central reservation. We are taking over the whole right half of the R22 (both lanes) in the direction of Zaventem in order to construct an underground sewerage connection.
  • Traffic from Brussels will merge into one lane just past the crossing with the Hippokrateslaan and then be lead twice through the central reservation.
  • Adjacent to the work site (parallel road PWC - Woluwe Garden), the traffic will be kept to one lane. We can then use the right lane section as temporary parallel road to provide a connection to the companies. The diagram below illustrates this traffic flow.

The final construction phase will commence in early June

During the final phase of construction (Phase 3), the Leuvensesteenweg towards Brussels will be closed off from the R22. It will also not be possible to turn onto the Leuvensesteenweg. There will be diversion in place via the Tramlaan and the Bevrijdingslaan.

  • Shops near the construction site will remain accessible via the diversion.  
  • Customers can park in the Voordestraat, which will be accessible from Woluwedal for residents and local traffic.  
  • You will be able to park on the Leuvensesteenweg up to the intersection with the Voordestraat. This intersection will also remain open to local traffic. 


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Technische plannen

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