F3 HST-route

Bicycle highway

Start of the works



Machelen Zaventem

Project status

In progress

The HST bicycle route follows the HST railway track between Leuven and Brussels. We will complete this bicycle highway and are tackling the following points:

  • We are installing the missing link between the Fabrieksstraat in Zaventem and the Lodewijk Vankeerberghenstraat in Machelen.
  • A new bicycle bridge across the Ring around Brussels allows cyclists and pedestrians to cross over safely.  
  • We are providing the connection to the Keiberg-Kouterveld business park.

Bicycle highway F3

  • No phasing is available yet.

Impact on traffic on the Brussels Ring (R0)

  • From the beginning of August to mid-September, we build the bridge pillars upon which the bicycle highway over the R0 will be build later. The three lanes on the Ring are preserved in both directions, but are narrowed. A speed limit of 70 km / hour will apply along the construction site.

    There will be some hurdles in the spring of 2021. During a few weekends we foresee a partial closure of the Ring when we place the bridge sections on the pillars. However, traffic will always be able to pass in both directions via the surrounding infrastructure of the Ring. This will be over a reduced number of lanes and of course at a reduced speed.

No detours are known yet.

Extension of railway tunnels

We are extending the railway tunnels on the Fabrieksstraat and Lambroekstraat In this way, the bicycle highway can be built along the road, at the same height as the track.

The tunnel on the Fabrieksstraat will be completely closed to car traffic during the works. For the railway underpass at Maalbeekweg - Lambroekstraat, we set up alternating traffic via a priority scheme.

Good to know: due to unforeseen circumstances it is always possible that the schedule changes.

Local or limited nuisance
  • From the end of July, excavation works will take place on the side of the De Kleetlaan railway.
  • The bicycle highway will run through the Glazed Box and on the Jan Emiel Mommaertslaan. During works above the carriageway, alternating traffic on the J. E. Mommaertslaan applies. This in the period from mid-July to January next year.
  • When the railway tunnel on the Fabrieksstraat is closed to car traffic (late June to mid December), you can detour via surrounding roads.

Technische plannen

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