Work in Sint-Annalaan


Grimbergen Vilvoorde

Project status

In progress

The works on the Sint-Annalaan are part of the construction of the route of the Ring trambus. We will also construct new, safe bicycle paths and redesign the parking spaces. The redesign of the Sint-Annalaan runs from the roundabout on the Meeuwenlaan to just before the roundabout on the Romeinsesteenweg.

Phased approach to limit inconvenience 

In order to limit the temporary inconvenience associated with these works, we will work in three phases. Work on the next phase will only commence upon full completion of the previous phase. We will provide diversions during each phase. 

Do you have any questions about these works?

Contact our accessibility consultant for (almost) all your questions.

Smart phasing

  • The refurbishment of the Sint-Annalaan will stretch from the roundabout at the Meeuwenlaan to just before the roundabout at the Romeinsesteenweg. Work will be carried out in three phases, during the course of which we will first put the separated sewerage system in place and then lay the new roads. The construction for the following phase will only begin when the previous is fully completed.

    Each phase is divided into two sub-phases. The intersection in the construction zone will be sub-phase A, every time. The rest of the zone will be sub-phase B. Both sub-phases will always start simultaneously, but sub-phase A (the intersection) will be completed earlier than sub-phase B. By opening the intersection earlier, a greater amount of traffic flow will be possible for local traffic.

  • Overview phasing

  • Phase 1

    The first phase goes from the roundabout at the Meeuwenlaan to just before the Ringlaan-Koningslosesteenweg-Strombeeksesteenweg intersection. Both sub-phase 1A and sub-phase 1B will start on May 11th. 1A lasts until September and 1B until November 2020

  • Phase 2

    Phase 2 will begin at the Ringlaan-Koningslosesteenweg-Strombeeksesteenweg intersection and end just before the Bloemendallaan-Groendallaan intersection. Sub-phase A will run from mid November 2020 to February 2021. Sub-phase 2B will start mid November 2020 to July 2021.

  • Phase 3

    The third phase consists of the zone from the Bloemendallaan-Groendallaan intersection to just before the roundabout at the Romeinsesteenweg. Phase 3 will include the intersection itself, Kasteelstraat and  Sint-Amandsstraat up to Mutsaertplaats. The timing for phase 3 is planned from summer 2021 to spring 2022.

The smart phasing ensures that disruptions are minimised by spreading the work over time. Nevertheless, every phase will have a significant impact on traffic. Through traffic will follow a diversion via the A12 and the R0. Heavy goods traffic will be advised to avoid Sint-Annalaan as much as possible.

Local car traffic (- 3.5 tonnes) will travel through a few side streets around the construction area. The plans in this folder show the diversion routes for each (sub-)phase. The diversions for sub-phase 3A and 3B will be communicated at a later date.

The diversions for phase 1, as well as sub-phases 1A and 1B, will apply from 11 May to mid November. 

During phase 1, as well as both sub-phases A and B, through traffic and heavy goods traffic (+3.5 tonnes) will have to take a diversion. This diversion will apply from 11 May to mid November. 

The diversions for sub-phase 2A will apply from mid November to February 2021.

The diversions for sub-phase 2B will apply from February 2021 to July 2021


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