Hoppin points

In addition to improving networks for the various modes of transport –  such as the bicycle, car and public transport –  with Werken aan de Ring, we are also working towards combining them. Thanks to the installation of hoppin points  – physical places where various mobility functions come together –  in the future you will be able to quickly and easily switch from one type of transport to another.

An example of hoppin points are the Park+Rides. We are building a number of them within the Werken aan de Ring programme. These Park+Rides are necessary to reduce the amount of car traffic going to the city. Depending on the needs and available space, Park+Rides will be equipped with bicycle sheds (bike rack, bike locker or bicycle storage drum) and sharing systems (bike share schemes  –  car share schemes).

Train stations are also hoppin points. De Werkvennootschap is working together with the Federal government to improve bike and car park infrastructure in the vicinity of a number of train stations in the Flemish Periphery.