Grimbergen Londerzeel Meise Willebroek

Project status


From Willebroek to Brussels

Over a distance of 29 km, the rapid tram connects Willebroek with Londerzeel, Meise and Brussels. Thanks to the limited number of stops, the journey is completed in 40 minutes. This is a time saving of 35 minutes compared to the current journey time by public transport.

In April 2020, the start note for the construction of the Sneltram was approved. The concept contains the necessary adjustments to the road and the uneven ground crossings of the A12 for cyclists. The formatting of a project note follows. At this time, we are not yet able to provide an estimate for realization, as land acquisitions that may be an unpredictable factor have to be made.

You can find the start note on this page, which is only available in Dutch.

Tram and bicycle

Running parallel to the tram and the A12, a high-quality bicycle highway will also connect the municipalities in question.

Multimodal junctions

Thanks to the tram, the bicycle highway and the Park & Ride zones, the stops become junctions of the various modes of transport. In addition, the construction of the tram will also upgrade the public space.