Northern Ring Zone

The Northern Ring zone is the area between and including the motorway junctions for the E40 Groot-Bijgaarden and E40 Sint-Stevens-Woluwe.

Werken aan de Ring aims to increase traffic safety to reduce the number of incidents and enhance traffic flows. The current infrastructure has become outmoded. We are improving poorly designed intersections and creating direct links between the Ring and the connecting motorways. The infrastructure will be made safer and more logical, and detouring traffic will be diverted away from residential areas.

“The Ring's impact on residents and nature must be reduced. ”

We are actively working to upgrade various aspects of liveability, such as noise and biodiversity. Development of bicycle highways and public transport into Brussels is being bolstered. Barriers between residential and natural areas must be eliminated.

An integrated planning process for development of the northern part of the Ring was begun in 2018, and will lead to a new Regional Development Implementation Plan (RDIP) and a preferred alternative for the Ring. A number of elements, such as development of the viaduct and a few junctions, will be brought forward.

Refurbishment of Ring North

Read more about the redesign of Ring North in 2019 annual report of De Werkvennootschap.