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Thanks to the Ring trambus project, the Heldenplein will be getting a thorough make-over. Soft road users will be able to cross the new Heldenplein much more safely and comfortably. Our goal with replacing the roundabouts with two intersections equipped with traffic lights, is to facilitate smoother flow-through for all traffic types. The introduction of smart traffic lights will enable both intersections to communicate with each other, which will reduce traffic queues considerably.

The Heldenplein will also be greener than ever. The gardens around the OLV Church will be expanded. New trees and seating will transform the Heldenplein into a welcoming place to spend time. 

Bus stop and bicycle parking facility

The new, covered bus stop and bike parking will make public transport a more attractive and user-friendly option. We are providing bike parking facilities at various locations on the square which will be well integrated into their immediate surroundings. This will make it easier for cyclists to access public transport links.

Green paths

Additional new paths will make walking more convenient and enjoyable. These paths are ‘natural’ routes that you follow when walking across the square, they are green and provide plenty of shade.  We will be doubling the number of trees by planting 59 new ‘climate trees’ in various sizes. These trees have been selected by Wageningen University & Research for the beneficial qualities they bring to the city of Vilvoorde's climate, water-use, air quality and biodiversity. 

Pedestrians and cyclists

Various new bicycle parking facilities on the Heldenplein will mean that cyclists will be able to park their bikes safely in future. With the construction of a broad, safe and comfortable bicycle path we aim to make Vilvoorde more easily accessible for cyclists.

Public transport users

The new stop at the Heldenplein provides all (tram)bus users in Vilvoorde with a centrally located boarding and disembarkation point. This stop will be within walking distance of the Grote Markt and Vilvoorde's business district. In addition to offering a comfortable place to wait, the stop will be accessible for wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs.



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Letters to the residents

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