Why the Redevelopment of the Ring Road project?

On this page we explain why the work on the Ring is necessary. You can read more about how we will approach these works on the Ring Road infrastructure page.

The complex infrastructure causes safety issues and traffic jams

Slip roads and junctions are spaced close to each other, meaning that there is a lot of weaving, criss-crossing traffic. The Ring has to handle international, national and local traffic. Through-traffic and local traffic flows merge into each other and create structural traffic jams and unsafe situations.

The Ring Road around Brussels is old and due for modernisation

The Brussels Ring Road has a long history, and is due a renewal. The oldest part of the Ring Road is 65 years (!) old, and even the newest part was constructed 35 years ago. The road was designed and built for last century's traffic, and so it can't cope with today's volume of traffic. As a result, there are traffic jams and accidents on the Ring Road, rat runs in surrounding towns and municipalities, fragmentation of adjoining green areas, etc. 

The renovation has to inject new life into the Ring Road, making it ready for the traffic of today and tomorrow, and making the surroundings more liveable for people and animals.

Cars making shortcuts through residential areas (rat-running) create a nuisance in surrounding municipalities

Municipalities along the Ring have been straining for years under rat-running, as well as poor air quality. Traffic that does not belong in residential areas needs to find a way to its destination, far from the Ring and its structural traffic jams and accidents. 

Green zones and residential areas have become fragmented

Both residential areas and green areas have been intersected or abruptly cut off by the Ring, or a slip road. In the process, the Ring has become a barrier for people and animals. 

The region continues to grow

The economic development of the region also continues apace. Suitable access possibilities for bicycles, public transport and cars are needed more than ever.