From Heysel to Brussels Airport. The Ringtrambus can offer a quick alternative to the structural traffic jams in the northern periphery. The Ringtrambus, with 16 km of separate bus lanes, will connect important locations in the northern periphery, including Heysel, Vilvoorde Station and Brussels Airport.

The aim is to have a trambus on the Brabantnet Ring Route in 2019. The trambus offers a quick alternative to the long-term traffic jams in the Noordrand, the northern part of the Brussels Periphery. It enables us to offer a wider range of efficient, comfortable public transport in the short term. The trambus lane is also an ideal step towards the tram route, which will come later. The Ringtrambus will connect important locations in the Noordrand including Heysel, Vilvoorde station and Brussels Airport. At these stops, passengers can transfer to the train, tram or metro.

Introduction of trambuses on line 820 between UZ Brussel, Vilvoorde and Brussels Airport 

We are not going to wait until the work is completely finished to introduce trambuses on the revised Ringtrambus route. We will start by introducing trambuses on bus line 820 between Brussels Airport and Brussels University Hospital (UZ Brussel). They will run via Brucargo, Vilvoorde station and town centre, the Kassei neighbourhood and the industrial zone around the Medialaan, Koningslo, Strombeek and Heizelvlakte. There will be a trambus every 15 minutes in each direction.

Route of the trambus on line 820 between Brussels Airport and UZ Brussel Read the project description for the Ringtrambus

Progress on the bus lanes

The construction of bus lanes for the Ringtrambus is on schedule and progressing well. 

  • In August 2018, De Werkvennootschap completed the bus lanes on Luchthavenlaan in Vilvoorde. These have been positively received. Between the De Vuist-Woluwelaan crossroads and the Mimabrug (the underpass beneath the railway lines at Vilvoorde station), bus-only lanes have been built in both directions. The bus drivers at De Lijn are certainly enthusiastic about the improved traffic flow. Passengers on the current bus lines are also feeling the benefits already. Public transport has become more reliable, as the buses can drive past the cars stuck in traffic jams. For the future Ringtrambus passengers, these bus lanes will guarantee a congestion-free journey and more punctual arrival and departure times.


  • On 5 November 2018, contractor Viabuild started resurfacing Teniersstraat in Vilvoorde. The current 820 bus is often held up on this street when it needs to turn into Rubensstraat, and frequently loses a lot of time at this point. As the Ringtrambus will also follow this route soon, De Werkvennootschap has decided to construct a bus-only lane in the approach to this crossroads to ensure that the buses can move more freely. The work is already finished. Since 15 November 2018, passengers on the current bus lines have enjoyed quicker journeys as a result of this new bus lane. This spring, three crossroads with traffic lights in Vilvoorde and Machelen will be changed so that more priority can be given to buses.


  • Building the bus lanes in Sint-Annalaan in Strombeek and Koningslo is crucial for the Ringtrambus. Currently, bus line 820 goes through the centre of Strombeek, but to shorten the journey time and improve punctuality, the Ringtrambus will take Sint-Annalaan. As a result, residents of Sint-Annalaan will also be able to use the Ringtrambus. 


  • De Werkvennootschap has applied for planning permission to resurface Sint-Annalaan and put in bus lanes. Planning permission was granted on 6 December 2018, Deckx was appointed as the contractor and the work has permission to begin in 2019. You can find more information about the work in the letter to residents.

Planning permission has also been requested for the most crucial bus lanes:

1. Planning permission for the centre of Vilvoorde

2. Planning permission for Woluwelaan in Machelen

3. Planning permission for Woluwelaan in Diegem

The public inquiry ran from 21 January 2019 to 20 February 2019, and the deadline for the granting or rejection of planning permission is 14 July 2019. De Werkvennootschap aims to appoint a contractor for this work by the end of 2019.



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