The environmental impact assessment and the planning process

The environmental impact report (MER plan) for the redevelopment of the northern part of the Ring presents the results of research into potential impacts on environment, people and society posed by the various alternatives. The MER research is part of the integrated planning process and is made up of various disciplines, arranged into three groups:

  • spatial disciplines
  • liveability disciplines
  • climate


“The study evaluates the impact that all the alternative options and their variations will have on the different disciplines. In this phase it will also become clear which locations will also require mitigating measures.”

Results from the MER plan and other, ongoing studies such as the social cost-benefit analysis (MKBA), the spatial planning safety report (RVR) and the futureproof scan, are expected in the autumn of 2020. The driving force behind these studies is the design-based research. Its aim is to develop the solution directions further, as well as to explore new options.

All these results will feed into the modification and improvement of the alternative options. In addition, a new, modular alternative could potentially emerge from this process; one which could see a different alternative option being chosen for each geographic zone involved. But this will be only become clear when all study results have been processed