Regional ambitions

Werken aan de Ring is part of a larger narrative in the region, both geographically and in terms of vision. That is why we always start with a thorough analysis of space and mobility in the area. That way we can bear the challenges of the entire region in mind. 

These challenges are found in the area of mobility, and to the same extent spatial planning, population growth, employment opportunity, economy, ecology, as well as the conservation, repair and strengthening of green-blue links and public spaces. In other words, it is impossible to see Werken aan de Ring as standing apart from what is going on in the region. 

Regional ambitions play out within the functional urban area of Brussels and the Flemish-speaking peripheral area. That functional urban area is the place that residents make use of on a daily basis; to live, work and relax. These locations are so interwoven that their problems cannot be addressed unilaterally.

“Traffic, people and green-blue networks transcend boundaries. ”

In Flanders, the traffic corridors will play an important role in the development of regional mobility plans. Werken aan de Ring seeks to factor this and other policy plans into its multi-modal approach. We also work closely with all the actors in the region

To the transport regions

The realisation of an ambitious shift in the mode of transport is crucial, every time. This means that the percentage of sustainable transfers (by foot, bicycle, train, tram or metro) for commuter traffic in the region must increase by 50%. 

Read all about it in our vision statement